Do you want to monitor the secret activities of your concerned individual or group? The latest technology has enabled humans to keep a secret eye on anyone even remaining far away from the target. No matter where you are you can find out the whereabouts of another person. The high-tech apps enable you to watch out the activities of a person living in another corner of the world. This article discusses how an app can be used to keep tabs on the activities of a person remotely.

What Cell Phone Spy App is about?

The cell phone spy app enables users to keep an eye on the online and offline activities of another person. The app does the job of spying for the user to let him/her watch out every activity of the target. This technology is particularly designed to facilitate parents in keeping their children under surveillance. It helps in supervising and protecting younger children from the potential dangers of the real and cyber world. Remaining anywhere in the world, you can supervise every activity of your loved ones and can protect them from scoundrels. The most common online dangers such as cyberbullying, child molestation, and scams can be prevented with the support of cell phone spyware app.

How to Monitor Hidden Cell Phone Activities

The surveillance app lets you watch out the cell phone activities of your children including their chats, social media posts, contacts and internet browsing history. Moreover, the app lets you oversee the activities performed in the surroundings of the cell phone. You can witness the real life actions to ensure protection of your kids in the real world.

To supervise the activities of your kids, you need to get their mobile phones installed with the surveillance app. Once you install the app you can monitor and manage that phone via web portal of the app. Read on to know how you can monitor secret activities of your target with the use of the cell phone tracker app.

Track Online Chats

The online lives of kids can be supervised with the help of cell phone monitoring app. You can find out what conversations they make with online fellows and who is in their friend circle. The app provides access to SMS, MMS and instant messages exchanged by your kids via instant messengers.

Listen to Calls      

The phone calls made and received by your kids can be supervised to figure out their secret plans. The app records phone calls and uploads to the online control panel without letting the target know. It also provides access to call logs containing contact detail of callers and recipients.  

Access Contacts

The app provides access to contacts saved in the target device. You can see the contact list and can make changes by deleting unwanted numbers and adding new contacts.

Supervise Social Media Activities

Want to figure out what activities your kid performs on social media or what plans he makes? The cell phone parental control app lets you watch out the social media apps installed on your kid’s device including Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, Tinder and Kik. You can supervise their posts, messages, friend-lists and activities without letting them know.   

Find Whereabouts

The surveillance software lets you keep an eye on the whereabouts of your kids. It updates you about the current GPS location of your kid and provides detail of unsupervised tours. It also helps prevent your kids from visiting unsafe and prohibited locations.

Watch Out Internet Usage

It is highly important that you oversee the internet use of your children. What if they are exposing to age-inappropriate and adult-oriented content? The spyware app provides access to the internet browsing history of your kid’s device. You can detect frequently visited websites.

Capture Surroundings

The app lets you see what is happening in the surrounding of the target device. If your kid is attending an unsupervised party you can prevent them from substance abuse by monitoring their surroundings. Using the app, turn on the camera of your kid’s phone, and see what is happening in the vicinity of the phone. You can listen to their talks by turning on the microphone of the targeted device.

Retrieve Photos & Videos

The photos and videos stored on the target device can be retrieved with the help of a cell phone parental control app. The app creates an online backup of media files and allows retrieving deleted media.